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We are a sports club at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. We partner with local CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Reignited. We offer unbeatable student rates at $50 and $92.50 per month. Our coaches are world-class, and we  have state of the art equipment. We regularly schedule UNCW Student only WODs, but also give our members free reign to attend any class that fits their schedule. Any level of athlete is welcome! Our members consist of people who just want to maintain their overall health, and athletes who have been to Regionals. We compete against other schools who have clubs including Villanova, Penn State, Cincinnati, West Chester State, Delaware, UNCC, App State, Lander University, and more. Making CrossFit a collegiate sport is one of our biggest goals!


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We want to make CrossFit more affordable for college students. We have noticed there is a huge interest on campus for CrossFit, but money is typically an issue. Our rates solve this issue.


Through our club, and our daily lives, we want to promote CrossFit, health, and nutrition. We think this can easily be done when students try out, or continue CrossFit.


We have competed against other universities who have CrossFit  clubs. We will continue to compete, and plan competitions on local, and national levels. We hope to make CrossFit a collegiate sport one day!



UNCW Student

CrossFit is always upbeat and I LOVE it!

UNCW Student

CrossFit gives me the opportunity to grow both physically and mentally.

UNCW Student

The community is so close. The CrossFit family is encouraging, and pushes me to be the best I can be.

Meet The Team

Nick Mazejka

Nick is our Head Coach, and is also the Owner of CrossFit Reignited, with multiple affiliates around Wilmington. He is approachable, experienced, and the best in the business. We could not ask for a better partner!

Jack Fleming

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Jack Fleming is the Head Coach of the Club/ Team, and  Founder. He is originally from Asheville, NC. Studying marketing and entrepreneurship while at UNCW, Jack has done CrossFit for over four years. 

Contact Us

6416 Amsterdam Way Wilmington NC United States 28405

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